Join Live Auction in Japan from the Comfort of Your Home

EcoAuc is an online auction site that handles brand products, such as handbags , watches and jewelry.Bidding can be made via computer, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. Auction are opening every Wednesday and Friday , with more than 4,000 companies participating and products listing is over 100,000 on every month . The best selling for one month is about 40 billion yen. Don't care about time zone , you can join our auction any time.

*For Wholesale ONLY

What's on the Market

We will have more than 100,000 designer brand items and jewelry every month at our live auctions.
Here are some of the items we have sold in the past. Sign up to see what we're currently putting in the auction.

Auction Fees

Membership Fee

Initiation Fee Annual Fee

33,000 JPY

22,000 JPY

Membership renewals will
occur every August

We will send an invoice for the Membership and Initiation Fee once the first auction after you joined has ended.

Transaction Fee

There will be a transaction fee for bid with the minimum fee starting at 1,000 yen.
The transaction fee will be added for every item that has been won. Please be aware that the transaction fee is attached to each item and no the full total of all the items purchased.

Cancellation Fee

10% of the final bidding fee + Transaction Fees + TAX

The Registration Process

Need help?

Drop us an email with your questions and we'll get back to you within 24 hours! Thank you for your patience!